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How to Disavow Backlinks in Google Search Console

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If you’re anything like me, you use Google Search every day. And if you’re anything like most businesses, you want to rank high in Google search results. This means getting your website and content found by as many people as possible. Unfortunately, one way to achieve this is by using backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your website. They’re a sign of legitimacy and authority, and they can help your website rank higher in Google search results. But what if you want to disavow all the backlinks pointing to your website? That’s where Google Search Console comes into play. In this article, we will discuss how to disavow backlinks in Google Search Console and help you keep track of which backlinks are actually pointing to your site.

What is Disavow Links?

Disavow links is a Google Search Console feature that allows you to remove links from your web page or website. When someone clicks one of the links on your page, they are taken to the corresponding web page. Disavowing a link means that you no longer endorse that page or website.

To disavow links in Google Search Console:
1. Open Google Search Console and sign in.
2. In the left sidebar, click Web Properties.
3. On the web property you want to use the disavow link feature on, in the Links section, click Links (or just drag and drop a link there).
4. In the Link Details window, under Actions, click Disavow link from this website .
5. If you don’t see Disavow link from this website in the Actions list, then your site doesn’t have any links pointing to it yet and you can’t disallow any links from appearing on it until you add some by following these steps:
6a) On the main pages of your site (pages with articles or blog posts), add some external links by copying and pasting a URL into the Add an external link text field and clicking OK .
6b) Add some internal links by dragging and dropping a URL from your computer’s address bar onto a linked text field on one of your pages or articles, and clicking OK .

How to Disavow Links in Google Search Console

If you believe that your site has been linked to inappropriately, you can disavow the link in Google Search Console. This will remove the link from search results and prevent it from being counted as a factor in your site’s rank.

Before you disavow a link, be sure to review the link’s properties to understand why you believe it should be removed. Links with low quality or no relevance to your site may need to be disavowed.

To disavow a link:

1. In Google Search Console, open the Webmaster Tools panel and click on Links and Linksets.

2. Under the Links tab, locate the link you want to disavow and click on its blue title bar.

3. On the Link Details page, under Actions, click on Disavow Link.

4. In the Disavow Link dialog box, provide a reason for disallowing the link (optional). If you’re not sure what to write in this field, our guide provides some tips on how best to describe why a specific link should be removed from search results. Click on Submit button and wait for Google to remove the link from search results.

What are the Different Types of Disavow Links?

There are three types of disavow links: canonical, nofollow, and blacklisted.

Canonical disavow links are the most common type. A website sets a canonical link as the most authoritative version of its content. When a Googlebot visits a website and finds a canonical link, it follows that link rather than traversing the entire site’s links list. If you want to disavow a canonical link, you need to find the page on your site where the canonical link points and delete that link.

Nofollow disavow links tell Googlebot to ignore links from that domain in future search results. To disavow a nofollow link, add rel=”nofollow” to the tag of the offending link.

Blacklisted domains are those that have been identified by Google as being spammy or unreliable sources of traffic. When you add rel=”disavowed” to an tag on a page linking to a blacklisted domain, Google will no longer count that link toward your website’s search engine ranking. You can also use robots.txt files to forbid certain domains from even being included in crawlable directories on your site (like /robots.txt).

How to Remove Disavow Links from Your Website

If you believe that a link on your website is no longer appropriate, you can disavow the link. Disavowing links removes them from search engine results and reduces the chances of them being click-throughs for your Site.

To disavow a link:
1. In Google Search Console, open the site’s Overview page.
2. Under Links and Pages, select the link you want to disavow.
3. On the Page properties screen, under Link Details, click Disavow this link.
4. Enter a reason in the Comment field and click Disavow.


If you are unhappy with the backlinks your website has been receiving, disavowing them can be a great way to protect your site from penalization by Google. In this article, we will outline the steps necessary for disavowing links in Google Search Console. We hope that this guide has helped you understand how to disavow links on your own website and put an end to any negative collateral damage.

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